Flavien Knuchel

Full-stack developer ~ Web-enthusiast ~ Boardgames player ~ nature lover ~ beer amateur ~ Video-games fan ~ wannabe cook ~ adventures-seeker ~ photography leaner ~ pen & paper Rpg player/Gamemaster ~ addicted to writing too long lists

Location Between Lausanne and Fribourg, Switzerland
Breathing since 1989
Coffee Large, one sugar
Contact knuchelf@gmail.com


I am fluent in French, English, and can handle myself in a German conversation without making a fool of myself (usually)


Savoir-faire, mais avant tout, savoir apprendre.
Someone, Somewhere
  • Frontend: dynamic Styleguides, HTml&Sass, React, Typescript(!) ES6 syntax, Mobx, Redux, vanilla JS, Complex frontend application architecture, async application design, a11y good practices, SEO challenges
  • Backend: PHP8, Symfony 2/3/4/5 developer (core contributor), Rest/Graphql API architecture, Wordpress, Gutenberg block development, Server-side JS CMS, server-side rendering, TWIG templating
  • General: Git versioning, Agile development, Task estimations, Shell usage, Composer, Yarn, Gulp tasks, Capistrano deployment, Docker & Docker-compose setups, Presenting talks


2020 - ? Front-end Developer
~ Gammadia SA
2020 Web Developer
~ Freelance
2019 - 2020 Globe-trotter
~ Wandering knuch
2016 - 2019 Web Developer
~ Antistatique.net sàrl
2015 - 2016 Head of web
~ macmac sàrl
2014 - 2015 Freelance web developer
2011 - 2014 Bachelor of science
~ Media engineer, Print and Interactive Media Management, bilingual French/German
2007-2011 CFC Médiamaticien + Matu pro technique
~ Swisscom SA