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Context Antistatique
Year 2018-2019
Role Fullstack developer
Technologies React, Mobx, Symfony 3, toolbox

EDLM stands for "Etat des lieux mobile" and is a high complexity webapp used on mobile devices to facilitate accommodation inventories. The EVAM (Etablissement Vaudois d'accueil des Migrants) employees complete around 4000 inventories per year, and this application aims to help them improve their process and the precision on the data they gather.

After having gathered all this data and saved it in our backend infrastructure, EDLM is then connected to a complex business applications ecosystem to which it transmits all the information for further processing. That means generating orders for cleaning teams to go on site and clean the flat, or ask for the finance team to have a look at some of the results, and many more.

I am not able to showcase visuals of the app here, but will list some functionalities:

  • Access to all input features after loading of the app, even offline or in case of device shutdown
  • Improved UX with high affordance interface elements to ease touch-screen users
  • Usage of the device camera to capture pictures of the furniture / rooms to be checked
  • Offer a process following business best practices and helping users structure their work
  • Constant progress and save state feedback